And boom! Your keys are pretty!

Okay, I am a Pinterest addict, and at Eryn’s request, I’m going to post about how to make your keys super glittery!

  • So first, grab some of your house keys, or just any kind of key, even a smaller one you could use as a necklace pendant.
  • First step you do is get some Elmer’s glue (the kind out of the bottle- not a glue stick) and cover the top of key with a thin coat of glue. Make sure you don’t get the glue below where it stops in the picture above.
  • Second step, put a good amount of glitter all over the top. When I did this project, I took a small packet and pretty much dumped it on the key. Make sure you have paper or something below to catch the excess.
  • Third step, once you put the glitter on, pick up the key by the other end and shake off the extra glitter. Let the first side dry, and then repeat with the opposite side.
  • Fourth step, when both sides have dried, get clear nail polish and paint over all the glittered area- this is a great little trick that keeps all the glitter from flaking off! And boom! Your keys are pretty!

I thought this was so fun, every time I look down at my house keys, I smile a little bit. It’s funny how even just a little creativity and a cool idea can brighten your day! :)

Idea found here or here

Post by Caroline Ruder