Authentic Self

I think we fear showing others our most authentic selves because someone at some point in time said you weren’t _____ enough – and you bought that lie. and buying the lie is like being in a house of mirrors ; reality is a maze of distortion and ugliness and falsity.
eventually in my maze, I stumbled upon some incredible people who saw my heart and spoke truth into my life.
their Love was fierce, and it was deafening, and it was Love that led me to a place of joy and self-assurance.

the most humbling part of agape Love was recognizing that my “enemy” had failed to see their worthiness just as they failed to see mine.
it became my turn to speak the Truth that they were worth loving, despite all that they saw in their own house of mirrors.
authentic Love continually and unconditionally chooses to Love – despite it all.

Written and loved on by Ashley Bergmann