“….Because as girls, we need other women in our lives to help us along the windy road of life and to remind us that we are not only worth loving, but we are living a life of purpose!”

Meet Shannon! Her love for life even when life gets tough is one of the many reasons we adore her and the words she has to offer.

You. Me. That girl driving next to you. The boy next door. That grouchy old man that lives down the street. And the mom you see struggling in the grocery store with three kids tearing down the aisle. Every single person is… So Worth Loving. 

That truth strikes to the core of who I am, and at age 26 as a wife, friend, sister and mother - I still need to hear that. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life mentoring younger women and investing who I am into them. It’s not because I think I’m cool enough to have a say in their lives or think I have life figured out - it’s because as girls, we need other women in our lives to help us along the windy road of life and to remind us that we are not only worth loving, but we are living a life of purpose!

With that being said, (well, written) allow me to introduce myself - I’m new around here but not new to the idea or the message of this community! My name is Shannon and in a nutshell, I LOVE LIFE! I am passionate about living in the moments of everyday. About hugs, laughter, delicious food, the Mr. and Lil’ Miss. I want to enjoy today no matter where I am, what I am doing or who I am with. 

My husband and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota where he is currently in Graduate School and I’m working as well as spending my days loving on my chunk-o-love 6-month old baby girl, Brooklyn. I grew up overseas and moved every 3 years of my life as an Air Force brat. My life is enriched and passions stirred by new places and experiencing different cultures, foods and hearing people’s stories. Food, good food, is a very important aspect of my life! Cooking, trying new restaurants and making good food for friends tops my favorite things list! Speaking of my favorite things - I figure an easy way for you to get to know me is to just type up a giant (ok, I’ll keep it limited!) list of things that make smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably and make life more special to me…

I like the little things in life, notes from people, perfect fonts, sunshine-filled windows, walks by the lake, swinging, birthdays, autumn, planning and hosting a party, driving with the windows down in the spring with no where to be, going on a picnic with my family, NYC (I lived there a year in college), Nashville, sending snail mail cards, filling out forms, drinking water, seeing others smile, a good thrift store/yard sale find, DIY projects, Chai Lattes, visiting friends, exploring a new place, loving on the poor & needy, finding a delicious restaurant, long chats with close friends, curling up with a blanket on a lazy day, finding that perfect outfit in my closet, going to a meeting with a Caribou coffee/Starbucks drink in my hand (makes me feel professional!), the perfect fine point pen, horses nuzzles, Montreal, making my home feel cozy, Italy, being hyper late at night, a slice of NJ pizza, desserts, making someone else feel special with a surprise, buying that perfect gift for someone, teenagers, going to high school sports games, hugs, capturing moments in photos…. and much more! 

I write over at my blog, EnjoiToday.com, and am excited to now be a part of SWL. I want you to be encouraged, motivated and know without a doubt that you are important and have been created for a purpose!