don't focus on your flaws


i know i’m a perfectionist

i know i over analyze

i know i’m a mess

i know i’m not good at doing the laundry 

i know im insecure in my weaknesses


i know that i can be intense and have so many ideas at once that it is overwhelming to listen


im confident in my strengths

i know im insightful

im in tuned with other peoples feelings

i want to have fun

i enjoy laughing

my giggle is contagious

i love communication and understanding

i know life is too short to get mad at little things

i see beauty and creativity in every realm of life

i want to grow

i want to learn with those that want to teach

my learning may not be the same as yours and im fine with that

I am aware but i will focus on my strengths so that i may be stronger in them. i will acknowledge my weaknesses but they will not control me.