Everyone is Noticeable (Not Just for the Holidays)

If you’re reading this, then you are either bored, don’t celebrate Christmas (much less Christmas Eve), or avoiding the people taking up other rooms in your house. 

No matter why you’ve decided to stop here, I am glad you did.

Yesterday was a very important and needed day for me, and I would love to tell you why:

I had dealt with a very long day at work. I was on my feet all day, and exhausted from this season before Christmas Day even arrived. I was in a troublesome mood and was very ready to get home. A nap was the only gift I wanted for Christmas in that moment, and it seemed so far away.

As I was approaching home (fifteen minutes away, yet an hour drive due to typical holiday/Atlanta traffic), I was getting off on my exit. At the corner of the intersection, there is always one of two homeless men that stand there asking for money and/or food. I usually try to give them leftover pastries from work, but yesterday I had nothing and was expecting to do the awkward mouthing behind my window, “Sorry, I don’t have anything.”

But there was no man there holding a sign. It was just an empty corner. I had assumed that they both had gone under the bridge beside them due to the major rain engulfing everything around us. 

As I sat at the red light for that intersection, I just kept looking at that corner as if something was trying to tell me to find a hidden treasure within the dead grass and twigs. Then I saw it. It was a blanket.

Not just a wadded-up blanket left by someone. It was a nicely rolled-up blanket that still had the wrap-around tag on it just sitting on a tree stump. It was patiently waiting to be owned by (I know for certain) one of those men. Someone with the kindest heart thought of them through the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping.

I sobbed in my car. It wasn’t one of those “I should be so happy with what I have because there are so many people with less than me” cries. Instead, they were tears full of love and hope from being reminded that there is so much good in this world, and everyone– absolutely everyone– is so worth loving. Everyone is worth a pause, and everyone deserves to be comforted.

Christmas or not, giving is so huge, and it’s the best way to show someone how important they are in this world. Even ones with literally no home can know that they are deserving of love, so what are we waiting for?

It’s time to give love to those who need it: everyone. 

No matter if you celebrate Christmas or any other holiday, take a moment to see how you can make a difference in someone else’s life by showing them that they are noticed and loved on this earth.

Show someone that they are so worth loving.

Love you guys dearly, and have a Merry Christmas.

Karlye Hayes