If you asked me what my biggest fear is, my response is automatic:


How many times have I striven for success and decided to change the plan because of fear? How many times have I followed this fear?

Learning bit by bit that not only does failure not define me, but success doesn’t either. You are not either a success or a failure. You are a person; a person deserving and capable of love.

Don’t follow fear. Be free to make mistakes and be free to be successful.

Once you love yourself, success and failure become just a part of you; and you will feel free to love others, failures and all. 

For our lifestyle change called, “Love You. Love People., we are sharing stories about loving ourselves this week. If you relate to Lindsay, or you have a different story to tell, we want to read it, and you never know: 

You could impact someone else’s life. 

Love you. Share you. Post a picture of yourself on Instagram, share your words, and tag #loveyoulovepeople