I Struggled With Fitting In

I didn’t really fit in growing up. I honestly had a lot of things going against me.

  • I was home-schooled.
  • I had acne.
  • I had braces.

There was no chance of me being a cool kid. I remember wanting to fit in so desperately with my peers that I embraced becoming a chameleon. I’d just go with the flow and change who I was based on who I was with.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I wasn’t giving others or myself the chance to love me for who I was. Instead, I found that when you make yourself into the ultimate people-pleaser, you will wind up on a trail of unhappiness.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE EVERYONE! You’ll be miserable and ultimately lose yourself in the process!

Eventually, I figured that out, and was able to shift my focus from trying to make others accept me, to cherishing the family and few friends who had already accepted me for who I am. I think that’s the key.

As insecure people, we tend to just pay attention to the negatives in our lives and not focus on the positives.

Besides, who wants to fit in? Let what makes you unique shine and see what happens!

Keep those who love you close. Learn to see what they see in you, and you can give it back to them. Love you, love people.


Written and loved on by: Grant Young