Meet Anh, our new Fashion Columnist!

I’m so excited to write my first article for SWL! This community has such a great and positive message for men and women. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by many of the posts, especially since I’ve become more and more aware of how difficult it is for a woman to even allow herself to believe she possesses great worth - that she can bring something to the world that no one else can. That’s pretty big, if you think about it. And to know you are worth loving means embracing that uniqueness - the thing that makes you *you*. We don’t need to try to measure up to anyone else’s standards, and nothing that we do or don’t do can take away our dignity.

I’m thrilled to now be able to contribute! One of my biggest interests is fashion. The way a woman dresses tells the world a lot about how she views herself. I like writing about how clothes can help you carry yourself with confidence and respect, but today I’ll be sharing some new fashion trends.

The season is changing and as the latest whirlwind of Fashion Week, Fashion Night Out, and various Style Week activities show, everyone’s excited for Fall styles! I love keeping up with the trends and seeing how I can incorporate them into my overall look while still keeping a unique personal style.  

Here are some Fall trends I’ve been coveting:

Oversized Coats

The popular show Mad Men has yet to cease its influence on the fashion world, and this fall we see plenty of boxy, oversized coats on the runway. I love seeing vintage styles become modern again! Here’s to hoping for some fun thrifting finds!

Menswear Inspired

One of my favorite things to do is take inspiration from menswear and add a feminine touch to it. This is a great way to dress up professionally while retaining your shape and definition. Fall is a great season to do this because the cooler weather allows for more chances to play with layers and textures. Time to pull those blazers and trousers out of hibernation!

Printed Bottoms (polka dots, florals)

This is a trend that is carrying over from the Spring and Summer seasons. For fall, the prints are of deeper hues, unlike the pastels and brights of spring and summer. Go for larger prints, as well, for a more sophisticated look. When attempting this trend, I’d suggest keeping everything else simple - solid colors, preferably neutrals, whites, or blacks. Unless you’ve a knack for mixing prints, in which case I’d love some pointers! They’re so fun!

Head-to-Toe Leather

Black leather is a classic look that adds immediate edge to any outfit. This Fall it’s coming in full force, as many designers went for the head-to-toe leather look. How wild! I like to dress with a bit more edge as the cold weather arrives - it makes me feel a bit tougher and more confident. A vast contrast from the summery, pastel skirts and dresses I donned all summer. A girl’s gotta have a little sass to her sweetness, right?

Do you have any favorite trends coming up? Share in the comments!

Photos courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

Post by the amazing Anh Nguyen from Mod31 (, a fashion blog seeking to affirm the beauty and dignity of all women. Check out her site out for more tips!