One Size Fits All

I am not a fan of shopping, but when the time comes where I actually have more than five dollars in my wallet, I prefer to sit in my sweatpants and ripped-up tee and shop on my beat up laptop.

As I am shopping, I see a very nice and flowy shirt, and bolded underneath:

One size fits all.

The model who is wearing this shirt is probably close to the size of my arm so how on earth is a top supposed to fit me like it does her?

But if they say it does, then I will believe them.  

So I can actually wear a top that is the same size as a girl who has that ‘perfect look’ that I’ve wanted for so long. I can match a model! I can kind of think I’m skinny!

But I have to be real. I’m not skinny. If I am skinny, my butt is too distracting to see any tiny qualities I may possess.

  • And it’s time to be okay with that.

If Sir Mix A lot digs big booties, then so do I.


To make a long story short, that top didn’t fit me like the model. I’m sure you saw that coming anyway.

Because there isn’t one size that fits all.

We are all so beautiful and breathtaking in our own unique ways, that we should be offended that companies would want to generalize our wonderful shapes into one sack-like top.

Our beauty is far beyond the hold of fabric.

So if you’re disappointed that you can’t fit into that size like a model can, it’s because that model can’t pull off a size that you can ROCK.

Love you. Love your body.

Written and loved on by Karlye Hayes