Quotes and Desktops and Wallpapers, Oh my!


Happy Tuesday #SWLFAMILY

You are in for a treat this week! 

We collaborated with the incredibly talented Anna Sanders to create some FREE desktop backgrounds and phone wallpaper downloads!

We will be releasing a wallpaper every Tuesday night at 10pm for the next 3 weeks so be sure to check back each week!!

We hope that these quotes will serve as an encouragement on your hardest days. We hope when you open your laptop to respond to tough emails or unlock your phone to respond to a frustrating text or get on instagram and get flooded with insecurity, you will see this first + you will remember you are more than your social media profile, career, or relationship status.

You are good enough NOW. Right now. You don’t need to change one single thing. In this very moment, you are good enough for love and patience and success.

Click on the link below to download today’s desktop and/or wallpaper for your phone + laptop!

FREE Download!!