“Self love is so vital to me because living in the world today is anything but easy.”

As a girl, I am constantly being told what to wear, how to look, how to feel, what to eat, (or what not to eat) & to have a big smile on my face while doing all of this. After a while, everyone sort of blends in with each other & you can’t tell what’s real & what’s an illusion. After years of everyone telling you who you should be, you begin to lose sight of who you actually are. I was one of the biggest offenders until one day, I woke up & decided that I wasn’t going to blend in any longer. On Friday January, 13th 2012- I got my fourth tattoo on my right wrist that says “so worth loving”. Now, every time I see or hear something that is telling me what I should be, how i should look, how I should feel, or who I should love, I look at my wrist & remind myself not to get caught up with what everyone’s opinion of me is & remain true to myself. It can get extremely lonely out there & having a positive self image 100% of the time is near impossible, but if you just keep your chin up & tell yourself once a day that you are indeed So Worth Loving, those opinions that you care so much about will simply disappear from your mind & that’s when you can start exercising self love & empowerment. Some pretty amazing things can happen when you truly love yourself for who you are. You ARE unique. You ARE beautiful. You ARE loved. I am Aimee McClellan, & I am SO WORTH LOVING.

Post by Aimee McClellan