She Said That Nobody Liked Me

So, I was 12 and like every tween, I was awkward, and I had always been told that I needed to diet by doctors since I was in second grade.

So unfortunately for a popular cheerleader at my school, I was an easy target. Every day came a new insult. Things like “nobody likes you” or “I can’t believe you thought I’d be friends with someone like you” were heard on the daily.

I got to the point that I thought everyone was laughing or talking about me and it was hard. To avoid the agony of the cafeteria, I began eating lunch in the bathroom then I stopped eating lunch all together. I began to hate the person I was, that I was only worth hate. I lived a life of emptiness.

I felt like I wasn’t ever going to be loved, and after all of that, I developed Social Anxiety Disorder, which was even harder to deal with.

But then the following school year, I found friends. Friends that gave me that love, even when I didn’t deserve it. They gave me strength and courage. They understood my anxiety. They never saw me as weak. They saw me as courageous, willing to face whatever life threw at me. I’m soooo thankful for them. 


Written and loved on by Kristan Saucedo