I like many other women have been obsessed with romantic love. The idea of it. The possession of it. The identity I cling to from it. It is altogether a whirlwind of magic and or devastation.  When any person places the weight of their entire identity on a house of cards it will smash into a thousand pieces.

I’ve come to learn: “Friendship makes a LIFE even more deeply than (Romantic) love.” -Elie Weisel

I am all for love! I love- love! However I am not EVER for placing your hands around someone in an attempt to control them for the sake of your own happiness.

I am also not a fan of ultimatum “love”, the I have to have it “love” or the being entirely lost without him love.

I was once this girl. Fragile and needing to cling to a man. In affect suffocating him and unconsciously hating myself for it!

This way of being was never intended for us as woman.

I am coming to learn the value of investing in myself. People may say it is self indulgent or selfish. But I can say with the utmost confidence it is the best gift you can give the world!

Nurture your own light and love!!!

Being in a place of utter contentment with who you are is a very rare beauty indeed.

Unimaginable for most of us. But I have slowly put in the hours of truly, undeniably loving myself. A friendship is built on hours of time spent in mutual trust and admiration. Not on a high of a look or touch. And so it is with yourself.

Time must be invested in oneself so that you may and WILL have that rare beauty of loving yourself!

Post by Ashley Fielden