Stay Afloat

Sometimes life just makes you want to scream. We often find ourselves under water in a sea of anxiety, self-loathing, depression, and the list goes on. We sink further and further until the surface seems unreachable. We have all been there, whether we want to accept weakness or not.

Here’s the catch though. This is only a season - a time where we are hurting. We do not have to continually live in loneliness and despair. We are made to live a full life of loving people well. We get to that point of loving people well after growth, it is birthed from growth. We love well when we have know pain in some way as others have.

So see this season as a slingshot into growth. There is another side to this hurting that is full of radiant light and a new view of life. Know that there is an entire family on the other side of your screen rooting for you. We are metaphorically picking you up when you’re down and encouraging you to keep fighting. 

We need you.