Summer Is Here InstaMeet!

Who is as excited as we are for the Summer Is Here InstaMeet?! This Saturday, May 30th, from 3-8p @ Taproom Coffee in East Atlanta. A few of our favorite Instagrammers have been taking over our account this week so we figured we would give you the inside scoop on what they love most about the community + SWL before you meet them face-to-face!

We asked Melody Joy Munn and Jeremiah Cowan these three questions:

1. What differentiates Atlanta’s Instagram community from other cities?

2. What is your favorite part of Atlanta’s Instagram community?

3. What does So Worth Loving mean to you?

Here’s what they had to say…


  • Atlanta’s yearn to be noticed as a creative city differentiates its Instagram community from others. We don’t have the tallest skyscrapers or fog covered mountains, but we do have the kindest folks passionate about pushing themselves in new creative ways.
  • My favorite part of Atlanta’s Instagram community is it’s diversity. In every aspect, whether it is racially, religiously, or socio-economically, there is a little bit of everything in Atlanta’s Instagram community.
  • So Worth Loving is a foundational truth that so many people have forgotten. I have struggled with self-worth and all it took for me to live happy again was to be reminded that I was worthy of love. Everyone is, they just need to be reminded.


  • Without technically living in the city of Atlanta, I feel as though I am apart of the Atlanta community through the sweet friendships and fun business collaborations that I have made via social media, especially Instagram. The creative community has been so welcoming and friendly, and have many reach out to me to grab coffee, and that is what sets Atlanta apart, is the friendliness and encouragement of each other, as fellow entrepreneurs following our passions and dreams.
  • I love that Atlanta has a coffee culture. I am a huge fan of the little roasted bean mixed with water, and I just love that I have so many fellow Insta friends that I can meet up with and truly get excited about the taste of a good cup of coffee and appreciate the aesthetic of a good latte art, interior design of a shop, and the baristas that serve them. So yes, probably the mutual coffee culture that exists in Atlanta.
  • So Worth Loving as a community represents individuals loving each other. That includes supporting, uplifting, encouraging, empowering, and celebrating life together with no underlying judgement of each other. That is just what I feel when I interact with anyone from the So Worth Loving team, or interact with them via social media. I love that they reflect of the self worth of an individual. So many people have shame and insecurities, but they try to combat that with love and encouragement. Such a beautiful community worth loving, if you ask me.