Feature Friday (Featuring: Taproom Coffee)

We are definitely enjoying featuring our family over at Taproom Coffee. This amazing coffee shop (that also offers craft beer) has basically become our home every week for our meetings, as well as any other time in the week when we feel like being greeted with smiles.

Located in the heart of Kirkwood, Taproom is fairly new, opening up just last March of 2014! Even though it hasn’t been too long, business has been booming at this establishment, and an abundance of regulars have already claimed this as their home along with us. 

Their coffee, from the Counter Culture roasters, is absolutely on point, and is always served with perfection from the beautiful and hysterical baristas. Don’t let their charm fool you, though. They have been majorly trained in the coffee and beer field, and they know exactly what they are doing to a T.

Thanks so much, Taproom, for allowing us to bombard your house with our loud laughs and good times, and thank you for serving up the best quality in everything you do!

Do you need a coffee house to call your home? Go to their website for directions and more information. You certainly will not regret your delightful time hanging out with these guys.