Blog on the Road: Athens, Georgia

This weekend I have been given the honor to visit some dear friends of mine in Athens, Georgia. It’s incredible to still have friendships with ones who I have known for at least ten years. 

As I had breakfast with a dear beloved, I was constantly reminded of how wonderful and important intentional relationships are in life. I said to him that even though I had never been to their apartment, I felt like I had come home to visit family. 

It’s important to have friends that you truly consider family because these are the people in  your life that you will get the most honest answers to important questions, even the “does this shirt make my arms look weird” type questions. 

If you presently have pals that you consider to be family, keep hold of them! They are the best ones to tell you the nasty truth, and even better ones to cry on their shoulder when you are hurt the most. They are the most encouraging delights, and they give you the most hope you could ever imagine coming from a person. 

If you don’t feel like you have these types of relationships, take the time to make a foundation for one in your present friendships. Putting in time and effort to know their lives and learn how to love them in the best way you can will most definitely end up forming a life-long relationship that, even when physically apart, will never disintegrate. 

Thank you, Athens for housing me in this time of reminders, and thank you my loved ones for allowing me to be an ear to hear all of your stories, and thus giving me more excitement for my own. 

Love you. Love people.

Much love,