Highschool Does Not Define Us!


It’s the time of the year when there are new beginnings. Fall is on its way, which means the school bells start ringing.  No matter how old you are, school can be a rough environment. Not all the time, but it certainly can be; especially in your teenage years. High school is a jungle of people trying to find themselves and figure out what they want in life. Certain things that happen on that journey may or may not lower our self esteem and make us feel bad about ourselves. From bullies, to cliches, to down right crummy relationships, it’s no wonder teens are angsty and frustrated with the world and themselves. 

You may see people sitting by themselves at lunch, while a crowd is laughing under their breathe. You may know that one guy in your science class that no one has taken the chance to get to know because he seems different. Even the girl who is the Regina George (Mean Girls reference) of the school is hurting inside. Everyone is searching, wondering, and hurting, they may just hide it differently then you. 

And if you are the girl sitting alone, or the different one in class, by no means does that define you. If I could change one thing about high school, it would be that people feel the need to let how they are treated in high school define them for life. The people I found at lunch alone are the most amazing people I know today. 

Guess what, HERE’S THE SECRET…the sooner we see that we are worth loving, the road gets so much easier! And once we realize it about ourselves, we can spread the love and make others feel loved as well. How awesome is that to have the satisfaction of knowing we are worth loving, loved, and share with others that they are as well. 

I challenge you to start this school year with confidence that you and everyone around you is worth love. Sit with the people who are alone, they may turn out to be the most genuine, nice people you know. The science guy who seems different may have a sense of humor that will have you laughing out of your chair. And the Regina George may think twice before bullying .You won’t know how big of an impact your confidence may have on someone else until you proudly show it.