Let the Past Be the Past

You have your new dress on, make up, heart racing, and ready to go out with this brand new charming guy. He opens the door for you, and all of a sudden this image pops into your head. An ex boyfriend. 

It’s no secret that there are bad relationships out there. (Now of course there are some fantastic ones as well, I’m not just being pessimistic!) And most of us have been unlucky and gotten caught up in one. Sometimes these relationships can tear down our self esteem as we start to believe hurtful things the other says about us in midst of a fight. Or we may over analyze situations that cause us to be doubtful and cause strain on ourselves and relationships. 

Then there’s the ending scenario. 

The aftermath.

The breakup. 

The sad song you play over and over.  

Breakups can be rough on our minds. We play back the things that went wrong and wonder if it was us who caused them. We may wonder why we weren’t good enough to make it work. We may think back on all the things they didn’t like about us, and take them to heart and persuade ourselves they were right. Another scenario would be you think back on what THEY did wrong, maybe cheated or lied, and wonder why you weren’t good enough for them to not do those things to you. I’m going to tell you - please don’t do any of these things to yourself! 

Nothing about the past should determine our worth - especially if that part of the past is a person. Whether they are friends, family, or past strings that are now unattached telling you otherwise - let the battle end and know that you are worth more then anyone can define. 

 Just because you had that one boyfriend in the past who cheated on you, teased you, or broke your heart, does not mean you can’t get back up with the confidence that you are worth much more. You deserve much more. Please don’t let yourself get lost in the train of thought that you are anything less then wonderful.  

Post by Xanna Kidd