What Do I Have To Offer?


You know what’s hard?

When you write for a company that promotes being worth loving and yet you so often forget your value.

It’s not just me. It’s so many of my friends as well.

We so often forget that as individuals we have so much to offer the world.

I believe that it happens most often when we are “rejected”. I use this term very loosely because I think it carries a lot of weight and connotation that is negative. What I mean is that any time the person doesn’t want to date you any longer, or the job you really want doesn’t feel you’re the right fit, it becomes a very personal experience. It’s as if we lose perspective and the understanding that our value and self-worth is not impacted by the person we are dating or the job that we are doing.

 We all have a story to tell, a journey we are on, an impact we will make on this world. Your story will be written one day at a time by the actions you take and the ways you respond to life’s circumstances. The journey will often only be seen in hindsight and yet the steps we take day by day carve the path that leads to our future. The impact made by you may not be seen by you, but know that your life counts.

I know that in that moment when the boy goes “you know I’m really more interested in you as friends” or the HR Manager at Company ABC sends you the email which always begins with “Thank you for your application and interest to our company, but…” I can often take it as failure.

It’s time that we stop this thinking and instead take these moments not as signs of failure or rejection, instead we see them as gates leading us to a better fit, a bigger opportunity, a place where we can flourish.

I’ve learned that simply because someone may not want me doesn’t mean I’m not lovable. I’ve learned that because a job is not mine only means that there is something where I’m better suited to and where I can make a bigger impact.

Every time I’ve been “rejected,” another door has opened. It’s only when I look back that I see what I have been protected from or the benefits of where I am now.

Our minds are powerful instruments. Next time someone, be it a boy, a girl or an HR Manager, sends us a “Thank you, but no thank you letter” let that not make us feel like ‘less thans’, but see it as an opportunity to say “heck yes” to something better.

We are so worth loving.

Written and loved on by Michelle Plett

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