Beauty Isn’t Defined By A Scale


My story. I would like for people to know how I find confidence and freedom from the chains that society puts on us.

I feel that by being extremely overweight in today’s society people have made me feel like less of a beautiful woman. Even if they acknowledge that I’m beautiful it’s only about facial beauty. For a long time it was hard for me to learn to love myself fully because I felt like no one else did.

Having confidence is hard enough as a woman when you already feel inadequate for silly things like being “too much” or “not (interesting) enough”. Add on the insecurity of being labeled as overweight and  it is easy to allow other people's’ way of thinking to become your own.

I’ve always known I was beautiful but I’ve always felt the need to lose weight so that I wasn’t the fat friend, the fat girl at the party, the fat girl that’s too loud, the fat girl that has the awful laugh, etc. I am fat but I don’t like that word because It has negative vibes. It’s not that I’m not willing to own being big.

But because I’ve discovered whose I am, I am able to better see who I am.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made, at 180 lbs (my goal weight not for looks but for health) or at 280 lbs., both are beautiful on me. I am confident in who I am regardless of how many people don’t think a body can be beautiful if it’s big, I know that is a lie.

I can be confident in believing the truth about myself.

The truth is my beauty is not defined by what the number is on a scale. My beauty is not defined by what section I have to get my clothes from. My beauty is not defined by anyone but me. I have freedom from the chains that society tries to put on me because I have rested it in my soul that I am a beautiful, funny, kind, genuine, hard working, and determined woman. I am confident because I don’t just know those things to be true, I believe it with every part of me.

Don’t let your body become a prison, whether you feel like you’re too fat, skinny, short, tall, whatever. Settle it in your soul that you are going to love you for you because you can’t love others if you don’t truly love yourself.

Written and loved on by Latrece Ragsdale