Well, Hello!

Hey Ya’ll! I’m new here, and I’m pretty dang excited about it! My name is Tara Jean, and I moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles almost two years ago. I had dreamt of living in LA for basically my whole life. It’s been a little bit rockier than I expected, but it’s also been far more rewarding than I expected! I’ve had some of my biggest failures as a person in Los Angeles, but I’ve also grown from those mistakes. I’m pretty pleased with the person I’ve become.  So as we get to know each other, you’ll probably hear a lot more on that subject! 

I really like movies, a lot. It can be a problem sometimes. I’m a big coffee drinker, but I think I’d like to switch to tea. I’m under 5 foot. I’m supposed to be an actress, but I spend more time paying bills. My brother and I are going to make another film soon, though, and that’s exciting. And also terrifying. Being an actress isn’t really all that awesome sometimes. People can be really mean, especially based on appearance. Going through experiences like that have really taught me a lot. There is always a chance that I’ll go in to an audition, and they already know that they want someone tall. That’s not me. I’ll never be tall. People will discriminate based on appearance for a lot of things. But that’s cool, because I’m pretty awesome, and you are too. I’ve got a lot of awesome things going for me, despite the fact that my thighs touch! I actually like that they touch, unless it’s hot out.  My point is that my pants size does not determine my self worth, and neither should yours.

Anyway, being a person in the world isn’t easy. I’m on quite the journey on self acceptance, and it feels pretty awesome. My eyes have been opened, in a lot of new and exciting ways. I’ve become political (WHAT?) with my issues. I stand firmly with the Human Rights Movement, and with Women’s rights.   When I was growing up I never thought that would happen. Something happened in moving to Los Angeles that made me see the world differently, and I decided to stand up for the things that I believe in.

So, Ta-Da! Here I am, standing up. I hope to share my triumphs, failures, experiences, thoughts, inspirations, and epiphanies with all ya’ll. Hopefully one day I’ll write something profound. Until then, sorry about talking so much.