Style Stud: So Worth Loving

We are so honored and excited to have been featured as a Style Stud on such an amazing blog, Life Sucks in a Strapless Bra. 

This blog, by the lovely Kate, is the perfect site for all the ladies in the house! We deal with beauty which also includes pain, and she points all of that out. She makes sure that we as women exert ourselves in the ways that make us shine as individuals most, and when we are suffering with our look, know that we aren’t alone in being typical women. 

(Men are invited too, but you might not relate unless you wear heels and dresses)

“So here … know you aren’t alone. And know you don’t have to walk around in 4 ½ inch stilettos with a duck face pout radiating fabulousness. Because we all know your feet hurt like a bitch and you just want to punt your fantastic shoes across the room and massage your bunions, am I right? And if you don’t, get out. No seriously … I’m Donatella Versace-style kicking you out of my blogdom.”

Check out her word-love, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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We love that our family tree is beginning to grow into a forest!