Love Loud


       How often during the day do you see an opportunity to show a stranger an act of random kindness? For me, I see opportunities everywhere I look. Whether it be carrying groceries, lending a couple bucks to help a person pay for something, or even a small act such as opening a door.

        In our daily schedule we move so quickly from point A to point B that we often miss the little things in life. We miss the chance to influence someone’s day in a positive way. Many times we are going so fast in life that we even miss saying thank you to someone who has help us. Each and every person looks for human interaction. It all leads to our need for community. The problem is, we are so caught up in their own lives that we don’t listen to the needs from others. We simply don’t notice. So in turn we miss out on little things that could allow connectivity.

      Last year my sociology professor told us that for extra credit he wanted us to find one way to positively impact a random strangers day. It had to be an original idea, and had to take place for at least 20 days. I had a million thoughts come into my head, but then I pinpointed one. I chose to write three letters, for three people, for thirty days.  Each letter had the same text, an “inspirational” message so to speak. I chose to give these letters to completely random strangers. I didn’t say anything to them when I handed one out, I simply gave it and walked off.

     The hardest part about giving out these letters wasn’t figuring out the words to say, or the confidence to hand them out. It was the fact that I would never know what they thought. We all want a positive reaction to our actions. We all want some form of confirmation. But, is that really what this whole thing is about, confirmation that we are helping others? The truth is, we may never know how we influence others. The letters I wrote may have meant nothing, something or everything to the people I gave them to. I may never find those answers. For me though, that’s the point. If we ever want to impact this world, we must convey selflessness through our daily life. I don’t know about you, but for me that word is often a very hard thing to act out. 

      All in all, the simplest conclusion to this topic is that in order to ever impact, influence or change the negative in this world is one act of random kindness at a time. 

So my challenge for whoever may be reading this is do you hesitate when opportunities to show love or kindness come up? Or do you notice the little things and take every opportunity you can to impact someone positively?

As you go out today to accomplish your busy schedule, remind yourself to LOVE LOUD and take a chance. Who knows, your action may mean all the difference in the world for someone.