Read all about our newest writer Michelle of “Beyond Rubies” and “Living Life Beyond

I stumbled across so worth loving this year and I have been hooked ever since. The site and vision spoke to my heart and to the passion I have for seeing people understand their value is in who they are, who they were created to be, and not what others thought of them. 

I’m Michelle, I live in London, England. Only child, holder of dual citizenship (German & Canadian), writer, singer, PR girl, friend, traveller/wanderer, and a bit crazy. I’ll be 29 this year and I guess I just refuse to grow up. I love magazines, books, TV, film, music. I consume all types of media like it’s all going to go away tomorrow. I have a song for every memory, a film for any mood and a favourite book series for different stages of my life. Speaking of books, if i’m reading a good one you can’t wake me from my concentration and when it comes to music; if I like a song, it’s on repeat, over and over until I have it engrained in my mind. I think I am most happy when I’m surrounded by people I love, not doing much. Oh and coffee. I love coffee.

Living thousands of miles from family means that my friends are my family too and I love them fiercely. I do not live life in half-measures (which has frequently frustrated or overwhelmed those around me) and I put 100% into all that I do. I left home at 18 to study in another part of the country. Then at barely 22 I moved myself across the world to start a life where I thought I was meant to be. Almost 7 years later (and lots of ups and downs) I live a a blessed life, surrounded by amazing people, travel for fun and for work and now I am privileged to write for so.worth.loving as well as on my blog Beyond Rubies. 

Life has had it’s ups and downs, from dealing with divorced parents, to boys breaking my heart, to betrayal of friends. I was always taught to believe that I’m loved by the best and that motivated me to walk into every room with my head held high, as if I owned the world. This attitude and support has helped over the years: from losing over 150lbs (and still going) to fighting heartbreak or to simply keep going when I felt so lost. 

If there is one simple message I would want to get across is that you are so loved, so valuable, no matter what your circumstances, your background, your physical looks, your IQ or what your future may or may not currently look like. You are worth more than you can understand and loved more than you may ever really comprehend. Be you, and get around people who inspire you. Finally, smile, even when it hurts (you never know who is looking).