Life's Too Short To Hate Who You Are


I used to think I wasn’t allowed to feel good about myself. It wasn’t always even my weight. I was too physically and socially awkward; too quiet and introverted. I wasn’t good enough at the right things. I never felt comfortable in new situations. I wasn’t brave enough. I’ve never had a girl like me back. And because I wasn’t confident enough, no one ever would.

It’s been a long road, and one I’m still traveling. But one of the hardest, most surprising lessons I’ve learned is that it is possible to love myself. I’m allowed to like me, and to think I have something to offer people. It’s not self-centered or egotistical, and it’s vital to our survival. Love has to come from within.

You can’t really love people without loving yourself.

And though it’s nice when someone recognizes you for who you are, it won’t make up for you not liking yourself. Life’s too short to hate who you are. It cuts off so many things for you, and cuts off everyone else from what only you can offer. 

This month we are encouraging everyone to share their stories, like Douglas’, of learning to love themselves. Go to Instagram and tag #loveyoulovepeople to share yours. 

It’s time to love you.