Feature Friday: Project Sip!

It is Feature Friday here at So Worth Loving and we are so excited to sit down and talk with Jenn Gietzen + Kathryn McCrary of Project Sip!

What first inspired you two to start Project Sip?

JG/KM : Project Sip was created last summer after we went peach picking together.  During one of our killer brainstorming sessions at Octane Coffee, we kept thinking about all of the different things we could create with the peaches and finally decided on a cocktail drink.  Our first drink, “Peach, Please”, was born and we had so much fun making the cocktails that we decided to share our recipe with everyone.  We thought if two non-bartender friends could have this much fun making cocktails, surely other people would too.  Since then, we have created fresh and easy cocktails every month, in hopes of bringing friends together to celebrate each season and be an alternative to the traditional wine night.

What is your favorite part of  working with one another?

JG : My favorite part about working with Kathryn is that it’s never short of laughter fits, random dance moves, and constant encouragement with whatever is running around in my head.

KM: My favorite part about working with Jenn is that she is always pushing me and supporting me at the same time.  I love our brainstorming sessions and how she takes my “I wish I could” and turns it into “Why can’t I?”.  She also has an awesome laugh and great taste in music, which both come in handy on shoot days.

What is Project Sip’s go-to Summer cocktail?

JG/KM : We love each drink that we have created so far; however, we keep coming back to “All About that Pom”, our pomegranate mojito, which we know will be a summer staple.

Describe what Summer is to you in 3 words.

JG : late patio nights

KM : salty watermelon popsicles  

What are your dreams for Project Sip / Where do you see Project Sip in 5 years?

JG / KM : We definitely have big dreams for this fun little collab that we started almost a year ago.  We want to keep creating fun, easy cocktail creations for people to enjoy with friends after work, on the weekends, and to shake up the standard wine night.  In five years? Gosh, that seems so far away, but maybe you’ll see us on the book shelves of your local boutique!

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Project Sip Co-Creators : Jenn Gietzen ( @jenngietzen )


Kathryn McCrary ( @kathrynmccrary )


All photos by @kathrynmccrary // Hand lettering by @jenngietzen