You Will Be Missed Goldie

As tour approached, we drove Goldie as a daily driver after she had over $1400.00 worth of work done to her. Our mechanic said… “If she does well as a daily driver she will do well on tour!“ Well, on a normal day we were driving Goldie to work and she died on the highway in the middle lane. YEP that was scary! (huge thanks to the policeman that pushed us to the side ramp!) Learning it was a minor fix this threw us into reality. We realized if we wanted to make it to 14 cities seamlessly without worrying if we will make it than we must be realistic… Goldie is not strong enough and what a bummer! Because YOU donated your valuable dollars to our tour, we want to be good stewards of it and we fear Goldie might be a money pit. We were so hopeful but there is the chance of “what if.” SO, we are in the process of selling her. We will use the money we receive from selling her to go toward renting a van that is more reliable. We may try to keep her around as a company car as we do pop up shops and small events.. but realistically.. she just can’t go with us across the south east.. soo… we will be announcing what we will be taking with us WEDNESDAY!

You excited?

Because we sure are!!!! 

It’s going to make our message stick out and create even more conversations! 

RIP Goldie. We love you. You are the funnest thing to drive and we wish you could meet everyone on this tour we cross paths with.Girl, you looked good when you backed that thang up.
Don’t fret. We will take pictures for you and share ‘em when we get back!
Rest In Park