I've Struggled with Depression and Anxiety


Learning to love myself despite all my struggles and flaws has helped me to love others through their struggles and flaws.

Having struggled with depression, and still struggling with anxiety, I have come into contact with so many people who I get to share my story with. I get to be a voice of hope to people who have none because I can say,  "Hey, I’ve been there, but look where I am now.“

I get to tell people that if they keep pushing through, that they will find joy.

I get to tell people that they are worthy of life and of happiness. Because now I believe it for myself.

If you’ve overcome major struggles in your life, I just really want to challenge you to share your story. It’s a scary thing to do, but it will give you so many opportunities to love others.

Join the family by sharing how loving yourself has helped you to love others with the hashtag #loveyoulovepeople on Instagram.

Love, Mack

In order to truly embrace someone else, we have to be embraced too. Use the love for yourself to strengthen the love towards others.