Just Plain and Simple

There’s a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd called “Simple Man” and when I hear it, I sometimes wish I was that man.

Simple, black and white, knowing who I am.

That’s not me though. I’m a complicated man, with a complicated past. A man who spent much of his youth living in darkness only pretending to see the light of day. A part of me wishes I could turn back the clock, knowing what I know now. I could change things.

The question is, would the changes be for the best? I wouldn’t mind removing the suffering and pain, but to what end? How different would I be today? Would I be the same man? Would I have the same passion for life? Would I have the same courage?

Would I be able to love like I do?

Probably not. I am worlds apart from where I was, but never forgetting where I came from. So here I am, chasing the daylight. A complex man, with complex emotions. Loving myself unconditionally.

Written and loved on by Andy Ryan