Summer In The City

Most Summer days don’t consist of rooftop pool photo shoots in our favorite city. However, when we get the chance to hang out on donut + ice cream cone floaties and snap pictures in über soft SWL tees we can’t say no!!

This summer we are loving high waisted denim and high waisted bikini bottoms paired with crop tees (we cut em’ ourselves!) and over sized tees tied on the side or middle. And of course we can’t go without a good pair of sunnies. These are our Summer looks! How are you going to rock SWL as the months heat up?!

Metallic, high wasted bikini + the Wildflower Tee tied to the side // Hair: Top knot half bun // Rounded, black sunnies

Left - high wasted, light wash denim shorts + the Go With The Flow tee // Right - Linen, yellow shorts + Wildflower tee + flower crow

Left- High waisted, black denim shorts + sleeveless chambray button up + Wildflower tee tied in front + black hat // Middle - Light wash, high waisted shorts + Campfire tee // Right- floral, thai pants + Wildflower tee

Metallic, high waisted bikini + Wildflower tee tied in middle

Photographer - Yellow Bird Visuals || Location - The W Hotel Buckhead, Atlanta

All tees pictured can be purchased at!

It’s a SWL summer, babe!

In Full Bloom

“Like wild flowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” -E.V

Somehow in the Summertime everything seems to come alive. There is an air of freedom lingering about us + gardens of blooms encompassing our every view - inspiring us to take leaps of faith, go on spontaneous adventures, and proudly wear our newly sprouted foliage.

Keep the wild in you.

Not the wild we know as destructive, irresponsible, and careless. The wild we are beginning to know as free, inspiring, and world changing // “Some seasons are just meant for you to be free like a wildflower, full of whimsy & wonder & to grow in the most unlikely and unknown places.” - Michaella Jelin

The Wildflower Tee is made to inspire - a simple + minimal reminder that you are made to grow in bold places. You have deep roots and potential beyond your wildest dreams. You are not defined by the expectations of those around you and we hope on your hardest days you can put this tee on and remember that!