Thank you


             Throughout life each of us come in contact with thousands of people. Many of them come and go quickly, rarely affecting our lives in a dramatic way. However, sometimes people stay and take time to make an investment in your life. They pursue a friendship. These people that we take on life with are often so constant that we take them for granted. Or at least I often do. This message is for them, for all the ones who have been there for us through every season of life and of the heart. 

            Recently I have been going through changes in my life, whether it is transitioning into a new job or college classes, making daily routines work, or letting go of dead weight. During this change it is difficult to make the time for close friends or have any social life at all for that matter. However, it is very important that during the week we make time for those who make time for us. In my eyes, that’s the only way we can continue to build better bridges.

            I realized this last week. I started thinking that in order to keep good solid friends in my life, I had to meet them half way. I had to let them know they were important to me. This is something many of us struggle with; we ask, “Why hasn’t anyone asked to hang out? Why hasn’t anyone called or texted me back?” .  I can’t help but to think..  "Do these people know how I feel? Do they know I want them around more; that I want to make a better effort in strengthening your friendship.“ Most likely not. So I will choose to reach out more.

            A friend who I have looked up to for a long time had not been constant in my life. Yes, we had surface talks and said a couple “what’s up man, I miss seeing you,” over the past months but no real conversation. No real investment. So we finally found a time to sit down for breakfast and just talk about what we have been up to. Talks of relationships, life changes and even river tubing while we drank our morning coffee. Something was different than any talk we had in the past year. I realized how refreshing it was to talk about my ups and downs with someone who really cared and gave me feedback. That conversation encouraged me to start the day right, my friends light inspired me to shine my own.

            That’s what a friendship is all about, encouraging and celebrating with each other. Picking one another up when we fall and most importantly, realizing the value of it all. Loving Loud. Those who are constant in your life, those who invest in you, and you in them, will ultimately take part in forming you to the person you become. Realize the people who go above and beyond to be there, I encourage you to tell them thank you. They may not know what they mean to you and to many others.  "Iron sharpens iron”.

- Brandon            

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