Comparison Challenge

“I want long hair. Oh, I love her skinny thighs. I wish my eyes were blue. Maybe I can go buy whitening strips tonight? I shouldn’t have eaten that bagel this morning, I should run a few extra miles tonight.”

We have all been here. Actually, most of us find ourselves drowning in these thoughts every. single. day. And by drowning I mean the up to your eye balls, unable to breathe, treading water for hours type of drowning. We become so preoccupied with how much we don’t look like everyone around us and how we can change that that we miss almost everything right in front of us.

We miss birthdays, date nights, shoulders to cry on, being a shoulder for someone else to cry on, relationships and opportunities.

We become emotionally absent.

It has to stop.

Every time we look at another human and long to have what they have or more, we slip further into the grips of the hideous monster that is comparison. When we compare, we miss celebrating others because we can’t celebrate ourselves.

Here’s the catch: comparison is not some switch you can just turn on and off. Overcoming the habit of constantly comparing and setting high expectations for yourself is a DAILY battle. Daily. Fighting comparison requires conscious effort everyday. But don’t let that scare you.

You are a warrior, whether you believe it or not. You have a fighting spirit inside that beating heart of yours. Just listen. With every thump of the chest you get a little bit stronger. You are here. You are alive. You matter.

So the challenge this week (just give it a shot for one week) is to catch yourself comparing. Grab a journal, a napkin, a piece of paper, the notes section on your phone and every time you find yourself comparing, write down one thing you are good at or one thing you like about yourself. Maybe it is cheesy, but if being cheesy means loving yourself then you should be all in!

Make sure you hold onto this treasure list of how awesome you are because it will eventually will be your go-to pocket savior. Once you fill up the journal or paper or note, keep it in your pocket, wallet, or bag. You now have a constant reminder that you are So Worth Loving.

Believe it. Be it.

You are worth it.