Hi all! I’m Cara Howard:

a new member of the #swlfamily and also a newly married lady! I blog over at The Marvelous Flight of Cara and have been for four years now (I just celebrated my blog’s 4th birthday!); my blog is not only my escape, but a place where ladies can come and relate to an honest and raw author: me! 

It’s taken me quite some time to get to this place of not only being proud of who I am: my emotions, the depression I struggle with, my health battle against fibromyalgia, but really embracing and loving this person that I am becoming. Like a lot of girls, I’ve had to find my worth through pain (and healing) in breakups with guys, but my depression and health has brought an entire battle along with it where I have had to respect my body’s limitations and deem myself worthy for the love of my husband and friends. One lesson I am continually learning and am a huge advocate of is: if you’re not loving and respecting yourself first, nobody else will. So here’s to loving *you!*

Post by the lovely Cara, newest writer for the blog!


“I want to know my worth as a woman.”

Meet Ashley! One of our newest writers and we adore her voice through her posts. You may remember her name by this raw and inspiring post that was posted a few weeks ago. After many adventures - She now lives in Virginia. Read one of her most recent and vulnerable blog posts about her struggle with depression. It hits home.

A little bit about me.
I am 22 and I try my very best to really live all the hues life has to offer. The good and the bad season’s.
I am an artist. I have done traveling photography for years.
I teach journaling classes. And design hand made things (for fun) :)
I work as a barista to pay the immediate bills.
After some really really rocky years I came to a place where I wanted to heal.

I want to know my worth as a woman.

I want to dream and pursue those dreams. Out of that place I want to teach that to other woman. I want to facilitate healing so they may also pursue their dreams. 
I believe whole heartedly in the beauty of life and I hate how the enemy steal’s that by shoving our wounds over and over in our faces.