I Put Everything Into Relationships


For much of my life I have been hurt by those I cared about so deeply. I have put everything into relationships with those I love, but ended up being lied to and mistreated.

  • These people have left me with scars of worthlessness and pain that used to haunt me daily.

I have realized lately that I am not doing anything wrong. Others can hurt me as much as they want but I’m done letting them bring me down. You will not silence my love for myself or others.

So Worth Loving has taught me so much about loving myself and how beautiful that is. They have pulled me into their family of love and community when the world and my friends told me that I wasn’t good enough. They have reminded me daily to pick my head up and smile on the days when its the hardest.

Remember that no matter how others mistreat you, you are so loved. You are strong, beautiful, and you can do this.

I love you. 

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