to those who struggle with insecurity:

To those who struggle with insecurity:

I’ve never written anything like this before, but I feel this weight upon my heart to share this with all you. I feel a calling to write about what I have been through and what I have struggled with, so that maybe I can help just one person. I know how damaging it is to feel unworthy and how easy it is to believe that lies that are out there. So if I could take 2 minutes of your time, I don’t think that you will regret it.


You don’t know me and I don’t know you but if you’re reading this I do know that we have something in common. We have felt or feel unworthy, unloved, and unsatisfied. With ourselves, our bodies, our lives, our friends, ect… the list could go on forever. Confidence is a tricky thing. The world tells us that we as women need to be secure in who we are, but then if we are too confident we are labeled as “cocky” or “narcissistic” or “bitchy”. There’s a fine line between insecurity and narcissism.

I know that for some people confidence come naturally and it flows like water from a waterfall. My best friend is the definition of security, you can tell by just looking at her that she is confident in who she is and her abilities. And can I tell you something? I have always been a little bit jealous of her because I am the complete opposite. I’m one of those who work and work and work but never seem to get there, I never feel completely secure. So I know exactly how you feel. We hear the laughter around us and think “they must be laughing at me” or we see people staring and think “omg are they staring at me, what’s wrong with me?” We don’t want to dress up in fear of being judged because we don’t feel skinny enough or pretty enough to wear the short shots, or the tank top, or the bikini. When someone compliments us we just smile and laugh it off all the while thinking to ourselves every time, “they’re just being nice, I’m not __________”. Listen to me when I say, that is not true. These are all lies the world it telling you.  You need to know that you are enough, YOU ARE SO WORTH LOVING.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

Your body is perfect.

Your eyes sparkle.

Your curves are gorgeous.

You smile is radiant.

Your laughter is contagious.

You words are powerful.

You are meaningful and have a life full of purpose and promise ahead of you. I would hate to see you waste it away miserable, believing the lies that the world tells us daily. Screw the world! Embrace your flaws, embrace your weirdness, and embrace yourself. Right now, if you are reading this I want you to do three things for me.

  1. go look in the mirror.
  2. say out loud “I love ___________ about myself.” (AND mean it)
  3. hug yourself.

Did you do those three things? Do you feel better?

Yes: great! I challenge you to do this everyday; it takes thirty seconds of your day.

No: keep going, keep pushing, and keep loving yourself. Keep taking small steps toward learning to love yourself fully and completely. It may take a week, a month, or years, but I promise if you work at it you can get there. No it wont be easy BUT yes it will be worth it.

I know because everyday I’m learning to love my self more and embrace my flaws everyday. Its been a long journey and there are days where I still feel worthless and unloved, but I’m happy to say that lately there have been more days where I feel worthy and loved. Don’t you want to look back on one day and say “Hey, look how far I’ve come!”? I know I do.

So I challenge you, all who struggle with insecurity. Keep fighting. I know you can do it.

With all my love,