Wrapped Up In A Security Blanket


 If you are anywhere near Atlanta, you would know that we have been forcefully blessed with a frozen tundra. Make fun of us southerners all you want, but cold is cold and that is what I am.

With this in mind, and the fact that this is my first official post for you delights, I wasn’t sure how to start off this time of change that we are all going through as a community. When I was considering the possibilities, I looked down at my blanket cocoon.

This cocoon was keeping me warm. It kept me happier with my surroundings. It gave me comfort.

It gave me security.

What is your security blanket? No, as you can guess, I’m not literally talking about blankets anymore.

What are you depending on for that security? Is it a friend, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, mirror, drink, virtual world, what is it?

It’s easy for us to depend on something else other than ourselves for that safety net. We are the ones holding the struggles, so we can change from blanket to blanket until there is one that fits the way we want it to in that moment,

A blanket to cover the wounds.

Whatever you have in mind, you must know something else:

  • Blankets can have holes.

We can try to cover ourselves as much as we want, but blankets don’t last forever. Even if they do, they are worn-out, stained, ripped, and probably smell like cheese.

Cheese doesn’t go well with blankets.

We are the ones who last. No blanket can keep up with our awesomeness. We’re too hot anyway.


So what is your security blanket?

Don’t let it hinder you from facing your struggles and fears.

It might get a little cold at first, but I can guarantee that you will find comfort within yourself to stand the chills.

Love y’all!